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ad:tech China 2014上海数字营销峰会  亮点专题- 移动, 程序化购买, 全渠道, 品牌创新


ad:tech China 2014上海数字营销峰会专题内容集锦:

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Mobile Performance Media:  Local & Global Strategy

Thursday 26th June | 16:55pm – 17:35pm   

Speaker: Jimmy Hu, Managing Director, Chinapex

Mobile Track

The growth of mobile technologies presents marketers with an array of opportunities to reach their target audience through channels such as mobile advertising, video, and apps. A mobile marketing strategy should not only be about branding and performance, but should also include additional objectives including customer experience optimization, loyalty & engagement, cross-screen integration, and data-driven consumer insights. In order to achieve these objectives, marketers should first differentiate between the ideal mobile marketing strategy and practical realities achievable by available technology (ie. platforms, RTB, audience data, media inventory, creative optimization). The next step would be to lay the groundwork, which essentially is integrating the systems necessary to execute the strategy and effectively analyze results.

Delegates will learn:

Global data-driven mobile marketing strategies

Understanding of how mobile strategy means in terms of technology and processes

Target audience:

Marketing VP’s, directors, and managers




626日(周四)|16:55pm – 17:35pm

演讲者:  Jimmy Hu, 董事总经理, 创略


随着移动技术飞速发展,越来越多的营销人士有机会借由移动渠道的广告,视频,应用程序来发掘更多潜在客户。 在这样的大趋势下,一个有效的移动营销策略应当不仅仅停留在树立品牌形象和品牌效绩上,更应将诸如优化客户体验,提升客互动性及忠诚度,多屏合作互动体验以及数据化客户需求作为战略关注的新重点及目标。为了实现这一系列目标,营销者首先应理性地分析当前现有的技术(如平台技术,实时竞价,受众数据定位,媒体库存管理,创意优化等)从而制定实际可行的移动营销战略。接下来至关重要的一步则是整合操作系统来具体对战略的实施以及效果的分析。








Demystification of Programmatic Buying

Friday 27th June | 11:25pm – 12:10pm 

Speakers: Lawrence Wan, Managing Director, Amnet China & ZHANG TIAN, Interactive Marketing Director, CocaCola

Programmatic Buying Track

This session will demystify how Programmatic Buying and Real Time Bidding (RTB) systems are evolving media buying to allow advertisers to make greater impact with their digital display advertising campaigns while giving publishers a powerful way to value and sell their inventory.

Lawrence Wan and Doctor Zhang will explore how agencies and advertisers are using programmatic digital media buying systems to best reach target audiences while decreasing costs and increasing performance. From ad networks to Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to systems that allow publishers to quickly sell available impressions, Programmatic Buying is changing the digital media buying process while creating new opportunities and challenges for advertisers and media planners/buyers.

This session will give you an understanding of how Programmatic Buying works along with the best practices being used today. Participants will learn about:

Defining Programmatic Buying

The Programmatic Buying Landscape

How Real-Time Bidding works

How ‘Big Data’ is driving Programmatic

What Advertisers and Media Planners need to know about Programmatic

Best practices to get the most value out of Programmatic Buying

This session is geared towards advertisers and media planners/buyers new to Programmatic Buying.


627日(周五)|11:25pm – 12:10pm 

演讲者: 温道明, 董事总经理, 安纳特中国 & 张天, 互动营销总监, 可口可乐大中华区



演讲嘉宾Lawrence Wan将向我们展示专业广告机构及广告主是如何通过程序化媒体购买实现在集约花费的同时最大化业绩,吸引更多潜在客户。 从广告网络,到需求方平台(DSPs)乃至版面出售系统, 程序化购买正从方方面面变革着数字媒体的每个购买环节,随之而来的是广告主,媒体人们的全新的机遇与挑战。









The Delusions of Engagement Marketing:

Rethinking the Role of Engagement in Our Marketing strategy

Friday 27th June | 14:20pm –15:05pm

Speaker: Shann Biglione, Head of Digital Strategy, ZenithOptimedia

ad:tech Omni Channel Track

Do you think “interruption marketing” is dying? Do you agree that in this new digital age, the role of marketing is not to “broadcast” and “interrupt” consumers’ attention, but to “interact”, “connect” and build “relationships” with those that fall in “love” with a brand? This certainly paints a very meaningful and rewarding picture of our role as marketers…but unfortunately evidence tells us this might be too good to be true. In the real world, what we see is a majority of consumers caring little about being engaged, often driven by much simpler mechanisms impacting their decision process. We see interruption campaigns still delivering great results without an inch of engagement in their DNA. And we see a digital industry often forgetting some of the basics of advertising, more worried about generating metrics focused on existing consumers rather than building strategies that genuinely drive business growth. The good news is that there is a place for engagement and it can be a powerful force to influence consumers. But if the digital industry, whose purpose is increasingly associated with engagement, wants to thrive, it is of crucial importance that we make efforts to better understand its role as a mean, not an end.



627日(周五)|14:20pm –15:05pm

演讲者:  Shann Biglione, 数字策略总监, 实力媒体




What do BRUCE LEE, MAHATMA GANDHI and LAO TZU possibly have to say about branding?

Friday 27th June | 14:20pm –15:05pm

Speaker: Brian Tam, Founder, Let’s Make Great

ad:tech Innovation Track

Too often, brands waste money on expensive online and offline campaigns that are ineffective. Yet, in today’s competitive and crowded marketplace the only message that breaks through is the one that resonates with your consumer.  How do we create resonance? Why should they trust and purchase you out of all their choices?

Beyond the obvious benefit of increasing sales, strong brands have the potential to inspire our employees, and attract new talent.  We live in the world of the two-year career, and in Shanghai, EVERYONE is looking for something better. What will make them choose us?

The billion-dollar answer to these questions isn’t about creating viral stories, leveraging big data, or social media… yet.  It’s about creating magically strong brands, which making your brand the crystal clear choice for your consumers, for your employees and for the world.

In this 45-minute presentation, we’ll discover what three historic visionaries have to say about this topic.  Amazingly, Bruce Lee to Mahatma Gandhi to Lao Tzu all have thought deeply about branding, and they did not even know it!.  They certainly must have, in order to create incredible impacts at a personal, group and national level; impacts that we’re still feeling today.  Clearly, their timeless wisdom still applies today for those of us who wish to make an impact!


627(周五)| 14:20pm –15:05pm

演讲者: Brian Tan, 创始人, Let’s Make Great


大多数情况下,品牌花重金打造的线上及线下的活动都是收效甚微的,因为在现今充斥着激烈竞争的市场中能够突出重围的,只会是能与消费者产生共鸣的信息。那么如打造这样的共鸣效应? 又如何取得消费者的信任?

在吸引更多消费者,实现销量与利润的增长之外,优势品牌也能为公司吸引到大批优秀的人才。尤其在上海,每个人都在持续寻找更好的选项, 是什么使人才选择并效力于我们?

能够解答这一系列问题的并不是病毒信息植入,也不涉及大数据,更与社交网络无关… … 答案的关键在于赋予品牌卓尔不群的力量,使品牌成为消费者、就业者乃至全世界不容置疑的选择。




O2O marketing Master Session – Retail Strategies

Friday 27th June | 16:15pm – 16:55pm

Speaker: Faye Yu, Founder, eKeliu

Omni Channel Track

There has been too much talk about O2O, but in reality the online and offline are doubling up in time and space thanks to the penetration of mobile internet. Forget about O2O, because consumers don’t care. All they care about is buying the products they like, when they want it, delivered to where they want it. I’ll tell you why brands are better off thinking how they can integrate the online and offline journey, and provide consistent experience using omnichannel strategy.


627(周五) | 16:15pm – 16:55pm

演讲者: 俞斐, 创始人, 客流 eKeliu








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