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提问: RTB究竟是否对发布商(网站)有利?如果有,那具体是啥?|Does RTB benefit the publisher in any way? If so, how?


Mark McEachran, RTB Product Manager @ the Rubicon Project

August 12, 2011

Real-Time Bidding brings a new channel of demand dollars to publisher inventory. Some of this demand is new given that new dollars tend to buy via the new channels. In other cases the demand is shifting from traditional ad networks to DSPs or entities leveraging DSP technologies.

RTB also offers more granular controls against channel conflict so publishers can protect their direct sales efforts more carefully. Those direct buys can also be executed, in many ways with greater efficiency, via the RTB marketplace.

With this shift toward greater efficiency it’s generally expected that more of the buying budget ends up in the publisher’s hands. That theory is difficult to test using any A/B method, but it’s generally accepted by most of the luminaries in the space.

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