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提问: 是否有DSP平台能够让广告主同时向多个广告交易平台发起竞价?|Is there a DSP platform that allows advertisers to make Real Time Bids across all Ad Exchanges?


Jayne Pimentel, Senior Media Planner

There are a number of DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) – the main ones are Invite Media, x+1, Mediamath, and Turn. The Exchanges change all the time and the largest are ADECN (Microsoft network inventory), Right Media (owned by Yahoo!) andDoubleClick (owned by Google). Every DSP have their strengths and weaknesses. Some are better at integrating with 3rd party data while others are better at integrating with the exchange inventory itself.

  • You can layer on a data provider like AlmondNet, Exelate, BlueKai, etc. and not all DSPs can handle those 3rd party data services.
  • Also, you have to think about mobile inventory. At the moment only a few are able to tap into mobile inventory – like DataXu.
  • Lastly, you want to ensure a DSP is able to handle certain creative. Some DSPs cannot handle video, rich media, etc. and can only serve flash so you’re limited as to what types of advertisers you’re able to run with as you restrict yourself when using a DSP that can only accommodate flash creative.

Keep in mind – of all ad impressions about 35% are RTB enabled. There are other exchanges to think about – AOL‘s, ContextWeb, AdBriteOpenX, etc. so it’s less about what a DSP already covers and more about what a DSP has the ability to cover so it can easily integrate with other technologies and things unforeseeable now as being the next big thing in the Exchange space.

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Anon User

The other answers here are not quite accurate — there are plenty of DSPs that are connected to all the ad exchanges, but none are fully doing Real Time Bids across all exchanges. Right Media has not turned on most of its inventory through RTB which is slowing down the industry.

Kaleigh MacKay, I work for SiteScout – one of our pro…

I just started working at SiteScout and would highly recommend checking out our site and RTB demo at We offer an RTB platform that is connected to multiple exchanges with new sites added daily – and will be adding Google’s display network very soon. We are one of the few companies that offers bidding in actual real time. We also provide your stats in real time – so you can see the activity on your campaigns instantly and modify them while fully active (example: turn off under performing creatives or add new sites) There are also many other features and functions available through SiteScout that you might be impressed with, so definitely go to our site. Like I said, I just started working there – but the sales managers can tell you everything you want to know, and can give you a live demo. Ask for John or Steve 🙂

Over the last week I am searching all DSP vendors in an effort to identify the most appropriate for our business. I have ended up with :

Data Xu
Invite Media

I have also tried to identify as many evaluation factors I could, in order to understand which DSP will be the most appropriate for us. I ended up with the following ones:

Please rate on a scale from 1 -7 among the following continuums

Advertiser – Agency
Performance – Branding
Display – Search
Product – Service
Online – Mobile
Automatic – Manual
Most Ad Exchanges – Limited Ad Exchanges
Simple – Complex
Dynamic Optimization – Static Optimization
Sophisticated Capping – Simple Capping

Perhaps you will find part or all of the above to be a radical simplification when it comes to evaluate a DSP. Also, part of the above criteria are perhaps articulated in a wrong manner. I would appreciate if you could provide your answer (scale 1-7) to each of those that make sense for you. Qualitative remarks along with your grade are more than welcome.

Thank you.

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