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LUMA Partners 使用了一个新词汇来描述最近的一笔并购交易:“an Operating System for Advertising”

LUMA Partners 就是绘制新媒体广告和投资界人人皆知的 网络广告生态体系图 的顾问公司。

他们在描述最近的一桩交易中使用了一个引人思考的词汇:Operating System for Advertising


September 25, 2011

Today, Donovan Data Systems (“DDS”) and MediaBank announced a deal to merge the two entities to form MediaOcean and to build an operating system for advertising.

For years, we have been suggesting that the fragmented landscape of advertising technology intermediaries could use some rationalization. There are too many duplicative systems, platforms, standards, workflows, dashboards, etc., for an efficient ecosystem and the wastage in the digital channel is much higher compared to other forms of media.

One method to rationalize the ecosystem is through consolidation. That is the impetus of the deal to create MediaOcean. This universal OS with its open APIs will allow other companies with innovative technologies in media or data to plug in and benefit from the efficiency of a unified system. Think of what the iPhone/iOS and Android platforms did for the app development ecosystem.

This is a very exciting development that will benefit many companies offering solutions across multiple media channels and spur growth in the overall advertising ecosystem.

LUMA Partners advised DDS on the transaction.

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